Looking back at Liberty Region’s Fall Con

November 14, 2019
Jayson Alonzo

Wilmington, Delaware, United States

Class of 2020

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Last month Liberty Region had its fall convention in my hometown of Wilmington, Deleware. It was an awesome weekend filled with amazing programming, an inspiring speaker, and a lot of fun with our fellow Alephs and BBG’s.

Friday night started off with a Shabbat service where teens shared their BBYO stories, it also included an Israeli themed program where we participated in interactive activities that allowed us to learn more about our homeland. This included a coffee station from cafe aroma, visiting the “beach” in Tel Aviv, and bargaining in our own Liberty shuk. 

Saturday started off with some teen lead programming, ranging from fun games and activities based around Israel to an informative conversation about antisemitism. There were two special guests that really highlighted the weekend. The first is the Grand Aleph Godol, Ethan Golde, who made a visit to meet some of Liberty’s teens and held a Q&A session. The second person was a holocaust survivor, Ann Jaffe. She was kind enough to speak to us about her experience and answer a few questions as well. Later that night we had lots of fun teen lead Oneg’s, including Nintendoneg, tae-kown-doneg, and a spooky-themed Boo-neg. To cap off the night, every chapter was represented well in our beau/sweetheart dance. To end the weekend, both AZA and BBG had their business meetings, friendship circles and got to check out the marketplace to buy BBYO merch.

Overall, it was an amazing weekend with newly created memories and formed friendships.

Jayson Alonzo is an Aleph from Liberty Region and has made an appearance in a Netflix show.

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