Meet the Moldavian Teen Club: Haverim

November 14, 2019
Anya Kurocichina

Moldova, Chisinau

Class of 2022

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I would like to tell you all about my teen club club - HAVERIM. It’s based in biggest community in Chișinău , the capital of Moldova. Haverim means friend in hebrew - which sums us up perfectly ! This year we celebrated our tenth anniversary, looking back on one decade full of success and bliss. During this meaningful time, we witnessed friendships being made, partners being found, one of our members even found their first love here…

Haverim is a place where any and every teen, can have a good time while learning meaningful  and new things. At our club, we have various programs about diverse topics such as : Jewish culture , team-building, self growth, geography and cooking projects. Naturally, we also play games to loosen everyone up and to simply have fun. Every program is coordinated by teens, and every year before AJT (Active Jewish Teens) seminars we come up with three to five new projects.

Additionally, at Haverim, we celebrate and keep big jewish holidays such as Purim, Rosh Hashanah, and many more, where we explore the traditions and stories behind it in an interactive way.

Shabbat, is without a doubt, the biggest event here at Haverim. We spend it together and at Kabbalat Shabbat, every volunteer can lead their own evening programs like quests or debates. In my opinion, the best Friday evening can only be spent at Haverim, as we can be with our friends after a long week of hard work, and share our complaints, advice, and love.

Haverim is a very fun environment and although I have only been involved for one year, I have made friends that feel like I’ve known them for a lifetime. It’s fascinating to see how new members come here and instantly start to change, to be more open , friendly, curious. A friend at Haverim once told me that the club is about: leadership, projects, team, friends, family, Jewish culture, events, self-growth, travel, home. So, would you come to visit us?

Anya Kurocichina is a BBG from the AJT chapter in Chisinau, Moldova. Anya's surname in Russian also means chicken so her friends call her koko.

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