BBYO: The Future of Change

November 18, 2022
Noah Ward

Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Class of 2023

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To some people, B'nai B'rith Youth Organization is just another youth group, but to others, it's so much more. It is spending two and half weeks in the middle of the Poconos in Pennsylvania with 200 kids; some are going to become some of your best friends, be a part of some of your best memories but most importantly, will help you grow into the person you are today. It is the future leaders, CEOs, and doctors of society. It is unbreakable bonds and friendships with people throughout the world, some of whom might be the best man, maid of honor, or even the person standing across from you on your wedding day. For some people, including me, BBYO is infused in almost every aspect of their lives. From college essays to leadership positions and volunteer opportunities, BBYO is there. Whether you find your college roommate or soulmate, BBYO will remain a part of you. Unfortunately, this is not what everyone sees. Some people just see 8000-plus young men and 9000-plus young women who are part of yet another youth organization, but that is far from the truth. These young men and women are the future of the Jewish people, a future that is needed more than ever. A future that ensures the survival of a people once brought to the brink of extermination, of people who, despite making up just 2% of the religious population in America, are victims of nearly 60% of all religious crimes. In a time where Anti-semitism is on the rise, we need to be the future as now is not the time to remain silent or to keep to ourselves; now is the time to embrace who we are. We are the future that will take charge and create the change they want to see. This is the future that will not sit idly by as Anti-semitism continues around us. This is the future that will stand up for what they believe in no matter how many times they are denied, and they will create the change that is needed for society. We are the generation of change. We are the future. 

Noah Ward is an Aleph from Scottsdale, Arizona, and he throws javelin.

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