Masada BBG #1519’s Murder Mystery Shabbat

January 4, 2019
Danielle Skibins

East Meadow, New York, United States

Class of 2020

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On November 16, Masada BBG #1519 from Nassau Suffolk Region held one of its most anticipated events: the fourth annual Murder Mystery Shabbat. The theme for the night was Kappa Kappa Murderer. Everyone had a great time getting into character by wearing pink and purple and dressing up as sorority girls.

To start the night, all the members brought a dessert or dish for everyone to share such as different types of pastas and cupcakes. Next came a service, which was fun and meaningful. Each member sang and danced along to their favorite prayers like Adon Olam (of course the Backstreet Boys version). After the service, the chapter moved on to the most exciting part of the night: the murder mystery!

The members of “Kappa Kappa” were assigned with individual tasks before having to come together to find out who committed the crime. The chapter Sh’licha, Amanda Urist, said  “everyone played a different role in accomplishing the same goal: to find out who the murderer was. Everyone got to dress up as their own character and play their own role which made the event more interactive… it gave the girls a chance to be with their friends as a group and then merge to individually accomplish their tasks during the mystery. I think that everyone being with their friends but also doing their own solving made the event more fun and interesting.” In the end, the girls voted on who they thought the murderer was, and who was the best dressed, and who was the best actor. There were prizes given out for all of these at the end of the program!

Overall, Masada BBG #1519 had a very successful Murder Mystery Shabbat. One enthusiastic member, Sarah Eisenberg said, “It was one of my favorite events so far. Everybody had a fun time taking on different roles and going around to find clues to the culprit. I got to know a few newer members better from the event too.” Events like this help push the boundaries of what Sh’lichim can do and incorporate Judaism into programming in an exciting way.

Danielle Skibins is a BBG from the Nassau Suffolk Region and loves photography and music.

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