Losing an Election Doesn’t Define You

January 31, 2024
Brenna Halper

District of Columbia, United States

Class of 2025

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I’ve been on board for two terms: ST’22 and FT ‘22. Both of those experiences were amazing, but those aren’t the only times I’ve attempted to be on board.

In my BBYO journey, I’ve run in 4 elections, and in all of those, I have never once won the election for the position I caucused for. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t made an impact as a leader.

Each time I lost an election, it taught me something about myself. I know that I am not defined by what happens at an election. Throughout the many losses I’ve had, I have never once felt unloved by my chapter. Sometimes it takes losing an election to see what you are meant to do.

The most important thing to do after losing an election is feel. Give yourself space to feel disappointment, upset, or whatever comes to you. Losing an election is hard, but it can open the door to new opportunities.

Sometimes, it’s important to just let things happen and accept what’s ahead.

Brenna is a BBG living in DC and really loves the BBYO community and Greek mythology.

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