Send This To Your Non-Jewish Friends

November 29, 2023
Lara Weinstein

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Class of 2024

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Hi! It’s been over a month since October 7th, and maybe you’re asking yourself why are your Jewish friends still talking about what is happening in Israel. 

Well, when we were growing up, in school, we were taught about the Holocaust. Most of us know someone whose family “got lucky” and was able to escape or survive. We were reminded about it constantly, we compare it to other times in history when Jews weren't welcome anywhere. But at the end of the day, it was just a history lesson or an old story, wasn’t it?

We also learned about Israel and how nothing dangerous could happen to us again because now we have somewhere to go. Most of the Jews in the world have some type of connection or attachment to that place, either friends living there or amazing memories of visiting it. 

Until October 7th. 

Hamas attacked Israel, and it was declared the beginning of a war. Immediately, all of us took out our Jewish necklaces, stopped wearing hoodies with Hebrew words, and even started to be scared about going to certain Jewish places. We knew that without a country to go to, we were in danger again. 

It’s been a month, and still, nothing has changed; all of us are very scared for the safety of our friends and family. 

Now, the important part. What can YOU do about it?

It’s very important that you share information, ask questions, read the news, and, on top of that, let us know that we are safe around you. That you do care. Give us a hug and check in on us. Help us not let history repeat itself. 

Shout with us, NEVER AGAIN.

Lara Weinstein is a BBG from Buenos Aires, who has a little bunny at home and is always ready for a new adventure.

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