Alone In A Room Full Of People

December 14, 2022
Micah Pierandri

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Class of 2023

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What makes you unique from anyone else? Is it your hair? Your Height? A disability or maybe even your skin tone? I know one thing that makes me unique from just about everyone is that I am a member of color. And as I know there are more members of color within BBYO sometimes at events it feels like I am just the only MOC in the room when I know I am not, I am just unsure where they might be.

While I know I am certainly not the only member of color in BBYO, there have been times when I have felt left out of things or disconnected during programs due to either my skin tone, my hair, or surprisingly my height. While I usually don’t let my skin tone affect how I enjoy a program, sometimes I can’t help it getting to my head.  The questions of “Will I look out of place in photos?” “Should I dress like everyone else or should I dress like myself?” And more. As someone who has faced these issues many of times I am proud to say that I’ve started a club within bbyo called Members Of Color Alliance or for short M.O.C.A!, MOCA is a club that is geared towards members of color in BBYO to help bring everyone a little bit closer so MOC feel a *little* less alone and feel like they have more “family” within the BBYO community! Moca is not only for MOCs as it’s also for Allie’s or anyone who would like to learn a little bit more on how to make MOCs feel a little less alone at events, be educated on how to help combat racial antisemitism or how to help in situations where racism might occur. the idea of starting MOCA came from another amazing BBG from Mizra GAR  Out to the wonderful Ariella Ayenesazan <3) but sadly then found out she could not be a vice president of another club since she had already been a president of her club (Check out the BBYO Green Team!) she transferred the leadership to me and I am damn proud to say that I am fully dedicated and devoted to keeping MOCA alive, thriving and well even (hopefully) well after my bbyo years. In MOCA I hope to make a safe, comfortable and loving space/environment for the members of MOCA and hope to do big things within.

With that, not only do I hope to encourage people to join me and create a welcoming environment for MOCs but I hope to whoever is reading this that YOU come join me as well :).

Keep an eye out on the BBYO ILN website for more updates on MOCA and thank YOU alephs and BBG’s for allowing me to spread this out there.

With love,


Damn proud BBG From NTO #74

Micah Pierandri is a BBG living in Tulsa, Oklahoma and a she can sight read Haftorah! She loves photography and social media work, but is also a very passionate person about topics in the world.

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