London Fall Fest

December 10, 2018
Talia Knoble Gershon

London, United Kingdom

Class of 2019

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BBYO United Kingdom & Ireland held an epic Fall Fest in November. It was a time to come together and have fun, and also start the year of BBYO on a great note. Fall Fest was held at an awesome venue in central London with karaoke and table tennis.

There were a range of participants, from younger members, older members, and adult guests. It was truly incredible to see how BBYO has evolved throughout the years and how my sister’s BBYO experience very much replicates mine when I began two years ago. Having so many younger members attend was amazing as it showed how much BBYO UKI has the potential to continue and expand for many more years.

We spent the afternoon having table tennis matches, singing “Toxic” by Britney Spears on the karaoke, learning about the new Israel tour programme, dancing with friends, and collecting new BBYO UK swag (who doesn't love BBYO merch?!).

"Only BBYO would hire out a whole room for ping pong battles and karaoke! It was an amazing and unique afternoon and everyone had an incredible time." —Jodie Godfrey, Fmr. National Social Action Manager, BBYO UKI
"Fall Fest was an amazing event to both organise and run. It taught me so many useful skills and was a great opportunity to show the world what BBYO is capable of." —Oli Sultan, Vice President, BBYO UKI and Fall Fest 2018 Organiser

Fall Fest was an amazing day where I truly felt a new connection to BBYO UKI, and my excitement for IC grew tremendously. I cannot wait to see the growth of BBYO UKI over the next year!

Talia Knoble Gershon is a BBG from United Kingdom and enjoys politics and current affairs.

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