Let’s Celebrate Our Success

January 19, 2021
Anna Rosenbaum

Houston, Texas, United States

Class of 2022

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Throughout the past years, Jewish teens from around the world have worked hard in their chapters and regions to plan successful programs, fundraisers and recruit thousands of Jewish teens needing a place to call home. When the work is finally over for the year, how do we celebrate those accomplishments? To acknowledge the time spent and dedication from teen leaders, regions across the international order create a space for teens to come and apply for international awards. These awards are given out at international convention to commemorate all the hard work each region and teen has done in the past year. Unfortunately, there are many BBYO leaders, who in the past, have not applied for these awards, and their hard work goes unrecognized.

Being from Lonestar Region, a community of teens applying for international awards each year was already established, which helped create publicity in the region for incoming teens and new leaders. Every year before the awards are due, office hours are held in each city at their local Jewish teen center to help, and encourage all teens in the region to apply. Through this process, Lonestar Region has had over 100 individual and chapter awards given out at the past few international conventions. As leaders, we need to take the initiative and help other Alephs and BBGs in our chapters and regions to apply and give recognition to those who have done amazing work.

This year, let’s raise the bar. Each one of us needs to take charge and show leaders in our region and over the international order that applying for these awards is not only important but will honor all the hard work that we have done as individuals. Let’s take a step forward into the new year together as we apply for international awards and show teens from all over the world what we have accomplished.

Anna Rosenbaum is a BBG from Lonestar Region and loves to cook and bake.

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