Kimberly Wolf - Dream Achievement

December 14, 2022
Ariella Ayenesazan

Suwanee, Georgia, United States

Class of 2024

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On November 6th I had the honor of listening to Kimberly Wolf speak. Wolf gave us her Dream Achievement speech. Wolf is an educator, wellness curriculum strategist, national speaker, and author of Talk with Her: A Dad’s Essential Guide to Raising Healthy, Confident, and Capable Daughters. She also attended both Brown and Harvard University. You can learn more about Wolf at

Wolf started with an Icebreaker for us teens to get to know those sitting around us. Then, Wolf shared with us the four Foundations of Dream Achievement:

1. Get active about your well-being

  • In getting active about your well-being Wolf mentioned that over time caffeine and sugar can affect your mood, which is why drinking just water is very important. She also mentioned not browsing social media when you are trying to relax, manage your media intake, get moving, get optimal rest, and find the foods that work best for you all as ways to contribute to your well-being. Another aspect that stood out to me in this section was that diet culture is very extreme but we essentially just need to find the foods that give us optimal energy. You can still have the foods you like just find a way to eat them in a way that gives us good energy. 

2. Spend time with supportive people

  • In spending time with supportive people Wolf mentioned that to seek out a good mentor, one should look for someone who one can talk to and that knows more about something than you. Also, Wolf mentioned that it is important to always seek out mentors instead of always trying to reinvent the wheel. She also mentioned other ways to spend time with supportive people such as paying attention to how people make you feel, surrounding yourself with people who make you feel safe and inspired and backing out of toxic relationships. 

3. Ask for help

  • In Asking for Help she acknowledged that asking for help can be easy and also hard. Some strategies she offered were to reach out even when it feels awkward, don't apologize and instead thank people for their time, support and guidance, and lastly remember people want to see you succeed. 

4. Imagining the Possibilities

  • In Imagining the possibilities Wolf mentioned remembering it is normal and good for life to not always go to plan, to focus on your path, and cultivate flexibility and resilience.

Overall, Kimberly Wolf was an amazing speaker. My dad and I have also started to read Wolf’s book Talk with Her: A Dad’s Essential Guide to Raising Healthy, Confident, and Capable Daughters and it has been very insightful. Be sure to check out the Jewish fellowships in your area. Strong Women Fellowship is based in Atlanta but many other Jewish fellowships around the world may grant you astonishing opportunities. 

Ariella is a BBG living in Suwanee, Georgia, who loves to sew in her free time!

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