Kfar Hamaccabiah Efforts in Israel

October 25, 2023

Movement Updates

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Maccabi World Union, BBYO’s partner organization, transformed its campus in central Israel into a shelter for evacuees from the Gaza border and cities impacted by the terror attack on Israel that started October 7. Over the past three weeks, the Kfar Hamaccabiah Hotel took in over 850 people, providing individuals housing, meals, clothing, medical care, programming, educational activities, wellness, and mental health support. On-site, they can use the medical services of the temporary Clalit clinic that was set up and operated by doctors, nurses, social workers and volunteers, from all around the country. They provide them with different services, from first aid to ensuring they get their medications. People had to leave their houses with nothing but what they had on them. Through private people and larg companies, they are being provided with clothing, toiletries and necessary equipment like baby strollers and formula and anything else they might need. In the afternoon, the volunteers are running workshops and programs on different topics, alongside artists, comedians, and celebrities who all want to help the people feel as comfortable as possible and contribute their talents, as the people of Israel come together and unite. 

The entire operation at Kfar Hamacabbiah is supported by 200 employees, and over 400 returning volunteers, and over 1000 more that come as needed. There is also a second facility being set up, to take in 200 more evacuees as the northern border is also being evacuated, and hotels are reaching maximum capacity. In phase 2  of this effort, the evacuees will be hosted in tents, donated by “Glow Glamping”. Programming will be run by a joint collaboration of BBYO and us, your sister Movement in Israel, Maccabi Tzair.

So far, through the Israel Relief campaign and ISF allocation, we have raised over $50,000 to make all of this come to life. We still need your help in making sure we can continue providing all of these services to the people of Israel, for as long as they are not able to return home. Am Israel Chai! 

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