The Power of CLTC

May 24, 2023
Sophie Tiger

Springfield, NJ, United States

Class of 2025

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Dear prospective CLTC attendee,

My name is Sophie Tiger and I’m from the Greater Jersey Hudson River Region!

I attended CLTC 5 2022, and I LOVED it!! I met so many people from all around the country and people that I normally wouldn’t have the chance to talk to. CLTC pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me leadership skills that I've used in my home chapter and beyond!

CLTC rekindles the spark of BBYO for so many people and made me want to come back to BBYO. It showed me that I can do so much for the International Order, such as being on international teams that you can work on amazing projects (you should do it).

At the end of the day, I left CLTC with so many friends from around the Order that I can talk to about literally anything. CLTCis where the traditions of AZA and BBG are taught. Bringing these skills and traditions back to your chapter is what keeps this Order alive and will continue for hundreds of years to come.

Moral of the story, you should definitely go on a summer program. CLTC made me love BBYO more than I already do. Sign-ups are still open!!

Respectfully submitted with so much love for CLTC 5, Camp BBYO and the greatest region in the order (GJHRR),

Sophie Tiger

Sophie Tiger is a BBG hailing from T'sahal BBYO #5321 of the Greater Jersey Hudson River Region #22 and her favorite food is pizza.

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