Israel Foods Rating: Picky Eater Edition

December 17, 2021
Taylor Levy

Dallas, Texas, United States

Class of 2022

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Aroma – 11/10

From their signature iced coffee to their pastries, Aroma is the best. No matter where you are, Aroma iced coffee always hits the spot. My personal favorite is the classic Ice Aroma with an egg and cheese sandwich. Their service is also always awesome and the little chocolate they put on top is delicious.

Dr. Shakshuka – 0/10

As a picky eater/ vegetarian, this one was rough. Because it follows a family eating style, we didn’t get to pick the food that was brought out to us. Although there were a ton of options, almost none of them were vegetarian and the few dishes that didn’t have meat in them were eaten almost immediately.

Fruit – 10/10

The fruit was absolutely gorgeous and always a hit. The Carmel market definitely had the best fruit but the market at the Kibbutz Ortal was a close second.

Ice Cream – 9/10

Although it was wonderful, there wasn’t much ice cream available. There were popsicles almost everywhere, but there was only ice cream in a few.

Pastries – 10/10

Even at the hostel buffets, the breakfast pastries were amazing. There were freshly made pastries almost everywhere and they never disappointed.

Ethiopian food – 6/10

Although the food wasn’t my favorite, the vibe of the restaurant we went to was amazing. Everyone was so nice and friendly and my friends and I enjoyed the Ethiopian dance lessons.

Snacks – 10/10

From bamba to bissli, Israeli snacks are amazing. Chocolate bamba in the freezer was my favorite thing to eat, but I didn’t come across a snack I didn’t like.

Taylor Levy is a BBG from North Texas Oklahoma and loves BBYO, Stevie Nicks, and spending time outside.

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