Identity, Identity. Who Am I? A BBG.

October 29, 2018
Hannah Alper

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Class of 2021

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We pledge to thee


Our love, our youth, our loyalty

We sing to thee with joyous sounds

Our voices reach the sky

My Lake Ontario Regional N’siah has made it one of her top priorities to create an even stronger and unparalleled sisterhood bond. All of this has really made me think about what being a B’nai B’rith Girl means to me, the memories I’ve made from Toronto to Orlando to Wisconsin and my entire journey alongside my sisters. I’ll be honest, it’s hard for me to describe how I feel to be a BBG.

B’nai B’rith Girls

We’re standing tall

We’re one for all

In 2016, I walked into my first BBYO chapter program. At first, I wasn’t really sure whether I was nervous or excited about it. But after the first few weeks, I chased that feeling and I’m glad I did. About two months later, I participated in my first BBG Separates and I felt this immediate sense of belonging and community. As an activist and a teen, I know that community is important when it comes to finding your people. And soon, after that Separates and into the year, I knew I had found my people.



Who am I? A BBG

I am one

Though only one

There’s so much I can do

My sisters and brothers came into my life at a time when I needed them most. Being a part of the Order as a BBG has ignited a spark of passion within me, inspiring me to run for chapter Mazkirah, and then Regional Mazkirah, in hopes of igniting others’ spark. Just over two months ago, I had the opportunity to go even further: Mukwonago, Wisconsin! It truly provided me with a whole new definition of friendship and family. The following is an excerpt from my CLTC journal about what being a B’nai B'rith Girl means to me:

“Being a BBG means always having someone to laugh with, be cringe with and a shoulder to cry on. Being a BBG means that I can be a leader and a follower, helping inspire that spark of friendship and passion into more incredible BBG’s. This is the place that fulfills me and makes me happy. It’s safe to say I’m a damn proud BBG.”

When our two Orders unite

With our goals in sight

B’nai B'rith is gleaming

We go on dreaming

Through the night...

Hannah Alper is a BBG from Lake Ontario Region and has been an activist and author since the age of nine.

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