IC’s Newest Addition: The BBYO Block Party

February 20, 2022
Maya Stone

New York, New York, United States

Class of 2024

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BBYO International Convention 2022 has added its new addition of the BBYO Block Party. On BBYO Boulevard there were all types of activities, from silent discos to human foosball. This was a great addition for IC because there was much to do and you could float from one place to another with no set programming.

I loved this experience because I got to hang out with my international friends and just walk around with nowhere to be in a rush. One of the things I took part in was similar to memory in the J-Lab. While this was going on the shuk market, concession stands, and activities in the BBG Lounge were active.

The tone and atmosphere had a really positive energy. Before the block party, Havdalah and the interviews with Josh Richards had everyone already really excited. 

On the Boulevard and throughout the convention center there were people everywhere and it became very easy to go up to find someone with a friendly face.

I also went to the silent disco party. This was so much fun because everyone wears headphones but is listening to the same thing. I could feel the floor shake just based on the amount of jumping going on. 

After the silent disco a few friends and I went to the sports room where we played human-sized foosball. I accidentally broke my lanyard but that is not the point.

Overall the party had a very good outcome with the relaxed feeling but also the rush feeling like in the Shuk market. It really fit well to follow the moving Havdalah services.

Maya Stone is BBG living in New York and loves to read.

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