Lior’s Top Ten Shows to Binge-Watch on Netflix during Quarantine

December 18, 2020
Lior Kolman

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Class of 2022

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Eight months of lockdown can get pretty intense. One month of pure nothing and five months of being stuck in my room. So as most people did, I started binge-watching shows on Netflix. Do keep in mind that I have finished watching over 20 shows, but I had to cut them down to my top ten. After a lot of debating with myself and weighing out the pros and cons of each, I present to you my top ten binge-worthy shows on Netflix—if you haven’t watched any of them, I highly recommend you go and check them out:

10. Never Have I Ever: Devi, a sophomore in high school tackles the struggles of losing her father, as well as the struggles of high school, religion, and teenage love. I personally enjoyed this show because I found it easy to connect with. It was not necessarily an irrational teen show but rather something more relatable and within the reach of a normal teenager’s understanding. So far only one season has been released but a second one is in the making…

9. Glee: If you enjoy musicals this one is definitely for you. This show follows the different lives of a group of teenagers in high school and their teacher who make up the Glee club. I enjoy the way that each episode carries a particular theme, which is the theme of that week’s class; that way each episode has a different musical theme but also carries through the storyline of the show. Personally, I prefer the original cast, but when they graduate, a new cast comes in (with some of the old cast). This is a fully released series with 6 seasons featuring covers of some of the best songs out there (and you can always skip over the ones you don’t know or don’t want to listen to ;) ).

8. Gossip Girl: An anonymous blogger posts about all the upperclassmen in their high school; needless to say, there is no such thing as a ‘secret’ in their school. This drama-filled show keeps up with each member’s life, we see how the anonymous blogger, ‘Gossip Girl,’ tells their story while getting to understand the full story from the character themselves. I enjoyed the drama that came along with this show. It’s an oldie, but still, a goodie. I seriously loved the ending of this show because we find out who gossip girl is, and it really makes all the seasons worth it. This is a fully released series with 6 seasons.

7. Sex Education: This is a bit of a PG series but it’s good, I promise! Otis’ mom is a sex therapist, and when this news gets out, people start going to him for advice on anything and everything. This is a modern series which deals with many different things including teenage love, discovering sexuality, and much more. This is one of my personal favorites because it deals with real problems and is relatable to many people, plus, the acting and directing is just so well done. There are currently 2 released seasons, and a third one is coming!

6. Schitt’s Creek: When the Rose family loses all of their money, they are forced to move into a rundown town which they once bought as a joke. The show won 5 Emmy Awards (which speaks for itself), but on a personal level, I laughed my way through the whole series. All of the characters have such strong personalities, that are so different from one another yet click all so well. I became so invested in the Rose family’s journey, and genuinely just had a good laugh the whole time. This fully released series has 6 seasons and a good ending.

5. Outer Banks: After a hurricane, 4 friends go on a mission after finding a mysterious sunken wreck. This show is rather addictive (I watched it in one day lol). It is filled with mystery, drama, love, and the cast isn’t too bad to look at either ;). Warning: season one ends on a massive cliffhanger. This series has one released season, but it is confirmed that they are going to make a second season.

4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: This hilarious sitcom follows along with the stories of the 99th precinct. This isn’t your usual crime-fighting show; it has a comedic twist to it. Each episode flows into the next, and you grow connected to the characters while laughing at their jokes throughout the show. Also, it has Andy Samberg in it! (who doesn’t love Andy Samberg?). There are currently 7 released seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 6 of which are on Netflix. (DISCLAIMER: not available on American Netflix)

3. The Umbrella Academy: When a man adopts 7 of 43 children born with powers, they become famous, and when their father dies, the Hargreeves siblings are reunited—with some complications along the way. The show breaks down each one of the characters, to show us their powers and their personalities, and we feel as though we are a part of the family as they tackle all of the challenges. The acting and directing are very well done, and it has a killer soundtrack. This series currently has 2 released seasons, but do be warned, season 2 ends on a cliffhanger.

2. Money Heist: 8 thieves lock themselves in the Royal Mint with hostages, while a criminal mastermind manipulates the police (and that’s only the first two seasons). Everything about this show is just brilliant. We get to see inside the head of a criminal mastermind and the months of preparation before the heist. I personally loved this show, because everything that the mastermind does is just so clever. Each new plan he comes up with amazes me even more than the previous one. It is also cinematically well done as it jumps from the preparation to the heist to when they actually do it. There is an emotional part but I won't ruin that for you. Part 4 ends on a terrible cliffhanger, but they have confirmed that a 5th and final part will be made. There are 4 parts released so far.

1. Grey’s anatomy: My all-time favorite show. This show follows the lives of the hospital staff members at Seattle Grace Hospital (mainly Meredith Grey’s life). I became personally connected to each and every one of the characters in this show, and it may sound silly, but you just feel as if you know them. Everything about it is just absolutely amazing. The medical aspect is somewhat accurate and we get to see all of the injuries and surgeries (I wouldn't recommend this if you are squeamish). The songs are good, the actors are brilliant at interpreting their characters, the directing is superb (although you might get mad at the director at times), the drama is intense, and the love is romantic. Grey’s Anatomy allows us to get a peek at a doctor’s real life and understand how their jobs go beyond the medical aspect. This show can be incredibly emotional, and as a sensitive person, I cried A LOT throughout the show, but that just makes it so much more enjoyable. There are currently 16 fully released seasons (I know it’s a lot, but trust me it’s worth it: I watched all 16 in 2 months), and the 17th (potentially the last season) is now airing! Season 17 deals with COVID-19, so it can be intense, but it is definitely outright brilliant.

Lior Kolman is a BBG from BBYO: South Africa and is a founding member of BBYO South Africa!

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