IC Must Haves

January 19, 2023
Abby Bluestein

Charleston, South Carolina, United States

Class of 2025

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Happy New Year! Now that it is 2023 International Convention is quickly approaching, some of you might be wondering what essential items you are missing that you need to bring. This list is going to be my rundown of essentials to remember for IC 2023.

The first necessity for IC is a portable charger. You will be out and about all day. Whether you're around the convention center, going on a LEADS day trip, or sightseeing around Dallas. With such little time to go back to your hotel room, you won’t want to forget a portable charger, so you can access the IC app to see schedules, text your international friends, or order late night snacks for your room. And don’t forget just because you have a bit of time to go to your room, it doesn’t mean that you’ll want to and miss out on the awesome experiences. 

Next you’ll definitely need to bring comfortable shoes. During the entirety of IC 2023 you’ll be running around like CRAZY. You definitely don’t want your feet to hurt just a couple minutes into your very long day. The days will be very long, so much fun, and very rewarding, so you don’t want uncomfortable shoes to make an issue for you. Also consider what the setting is, because you might not want to wear sandals or open-toed shoes to the concert. 

Of course you’ll want to bring all kinds of spirit wear! During opening ceremonies regions will GO ALL OUT, so of course you’ll want to have the best regional spirit and pride. You’ll also definitely want to have all kinds of outfits for all of the many different themes that happen throughout the duration of IC. Especially if your community wants to have any chance at winning the Anita M. Perlman Spirit Cup or the Max F. Baer Spirit Gavel, be ready to have the most spirit all week long. 

Those are just the top three must haves for IC 2023, but there are so many other things to remember to bring. Ranging from water bottles, to granola bars, or energy drinks IC is going to be so hype so get ready! 

Abby is a BBG living in Charleston, SC and she loves to dance!

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