IC 2024: Top 10 Items in Shuk

February 16, 2024
Hailey Arnell

Long Island, New York, United States

Class of 2026

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This year IC has AMAZING shuk made by regions all across the world! Wondering what you should buy? These are the 10 hottest items at this years IC! In no particular order…

1. Aleph Zadik Aleph Grey Sweatpants

2. BBYO Friendship bracelet stickers

3. I Pledge to Thee oh BBG Cream Crewneck

4. Love B’nai B’rith Girls Navy Crewneck

5. Brown International Convention with Cards Hoodie

6. Pink LOR BBG

7. I Heart MTN Dark Blue Hoodie

8. International Convention Disco Hoodie

9. Coquette BBG Red Book & Gavel Sticker

10. LSR Crewneck

Hailey Arnell is a BBG from Integrity BBG #0461 of the Nassau Suffolk Region and she is her chapter's Sh’licha and a competitive dancer.

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