IC 2024 Essentials

February 8, 2024
Brenna Halper

District of Columbia, United States

Class of 2025

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Are you new to BBYO? Is it your first IC? Are you double-checking to make sure you packed everything? Look no further, the IC Essentials guide is here!

Necessity #1: SPIRIT!

Coming to IC is so fun and one of the best experiences in the world! The most important thing you can bring is excitement, energy, and region/council spirit! Be sure to check out the IC spirit guide!!

Necessity #2: Water bottle

Staying hydrated throughout IC is so important and will be one of the things keeping you running! There are also many water stations around the IC space!

Necessity #3: Portable Charger

Wifi is somewhat inconsistent at IC hotels so any activity on your phone will drain your battery. You’ll want a portable charger to ensure you are always able to communicate with your friends/staff and check the IC app!

Necessity #4: Electrolytes

There is always so much going on so having electrolytes on you will just make the experience so much more enjoyable and smooth.

Necessity #5: Small bag

You are not allowed to go back to your rooms throughout the day so bring a back to make sure you have everything you need for each day.

*Note the clear bag policy for the Saturday Centennial Celebration and Universal on Sunday 

Brenna is a BBG living in DC and really loves the BBYO community and Greek mythology.

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