I Lost Regional Board and it was the Best Weekend of my Life.

June 9, 2023
Sarah Colton

Long Island, New York, USA

Class of 2025

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Walking into the spring convention of my sophomore year, I held this huge secret. I was running for Nassau Suffolk Region’s 66th S’ganit Nassau. Coming from a smaller chapter this was my first opposed election. The last month and a half I had spent countless hours crafting the perfect speech and displaying my entire personality on one sheet of paper and within the three-and-a-half-hour span of elections it would all be over. For elections to be fair, each candidate was placed in rooms only with candidates. Room 327 was one to remember, from watching Friends on the TV each night to waking up to Spongebob because the TV never turned off we truly bonded together. During all meals, candidates were sitting together with one another and I had gotten to hang out with people that as a new member, I had looked up to immensely. We all had one thing in common, we were running for regional board and we all wanted the best for the region we call home. I knew no matter what, going into this election I needed to make sure I had the right mindset. Win or lose NSR is still my home and nothing will change that.

Once the election results were announced and I had officially lost I had expected myself to be upset. Yet, in reality, I felt huge relief because the “what if’ of the past year was officially answered. I did not win S'ganit Nassau of NSR and I was perfectly fine with that. Nothing had changed, my chapter was still there for me and so was my region. Though I walked out of the convention with not the outcome I was expecting, I supported and represented my chapter, made new friends, and most importantly I made myself proud. If you can take anything from me, life is what you make it and the best part is you’re the author of your own story. Roll with the plot twists and stay true to yourself and everything will work out.

Sarah Colton is a BBG living on Long Island, New York, and the town she is from was voted "Best Tasting Water" in New York State.

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