I Deleted TikTok and I am Happier Than Ever

June 16, 2023
Kylee Garfield

Redondo Beach, California, United States

Class of 2026

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TikTok is a global social media powerhouse. Known for its quick 15- 45 second videos that can keep anyone watching them hooked, the platform is addictive to many people, whether they know it or not. This was the case for me. After downloading TikTok at a time of boredom in 8th grade, my screen time changed from 3 hours a day on my phone, to 10 hours. The reason for this: tiktok. Now, I understand in many ways tik tok is used as a platform for businesses, brands, and social networking. TikTok can be used for good. However, TikTok is generally catered toward teens. Teens, unlike adults, have brains that aren't fully developed, causing them to get addicted to things very quickly. Given this, despite being used for good, too much TikTok isn't good for you.

Think about it, what were the last things you watched when scrolling on TikTok? Did the rabbit hole of influencers you binged in your free time teach you anything at all? If the answer is yes, then I would conclude you’re not addicted to this app. However, I understand firsthand the constant need to be on TikTok whenever you’re bored or need a placeholder for time. One minute can turn into thirty, thirty minutes can turn into an hour, just like that. Being on tiktok feels comforting.

Given this information, I was so uncomfortable about how much I was on TikTok. I would wake up everyday, and the first thing I’d want was TikTok. Throughout the day whenever I was struck with boredom, I went to TikTok for a time placement. I felt as if I had gaps in my day, taken up by this little app that I couldn't get off of on my phone. I was over it, but I didn't know what to do.

One day, a friend told me he deleted TikTok. I was surprised at this statement, as it was something I was trying to do, but never was able to fully accomplish. After we discussed other ways to spend our free time, I decided to delete the app altogether. This isn't the only way to combat this problem though. For others, you might have to take it slow, by taking the app off your home screen or limiting yourself to one hour a day, instead of stopping it all at once. Yet, once TikTok was off my phone, I had difficulty finding placeholders to spend my free time with. In these moments, I would think to myself, "I’m going to download it again". But I didn't give up and pushed through the annoying silence that was my phone without TikTok.

However, after a long and difficult first month without it, I began to feel relieved. Tiktok caused me so much anxiety, more than I noticed before. By spending my time on TikTok, I limited myself to very little time during the day, to do tasks that were vital to my life. I began to study more and focus on my family. With all this information given, I urge you to think about how much time you spend on TikTok. Look at your screen time. If you’re not ready to delete it, that's okay. Being aware of it is the first step to deleting the app altogether.

I want to finish by reiterating that this is only my story. My hope is to help those who are in the same position as me, so they can understand that it's okay to feel the way you do. Others may have differing experiences than me, and that's okay. As I said, TikTok can be used for good. There are many creators on the app that are creating valuable content. The creators that are on the app to inform, inspire and share information are great. Try and make an informed decision on what you think is right, and if you want to continue with TikTok that's totally fine!

Submitted with love, Kylee Garfield, a forever BBG

Kylee Garfield is a BBG living in Redondo Beach and has never been stung by a bee.

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