Hudson Valley Region Adds Mekasheret To Regional Board

May 25, 2023
Emma Gornstein

Ardsley, New York, USA

Class of 2025

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I am excited to share with you the news of a recent development in our region that highlights our commitment to ensuring that all voices within our community are represented in leadership positions. The passing of new legislation in HVR will see the addition of a Mekasheret member to our regional board.

For those who may not know, a Mekasheret is a Hebrew term that refers to a person who serves as a recruiter for a region or chapter. In BBYO, a Mekasheret specifically refers to a member who focuses on bringing new members into the organization. This role is crucial in promoting and ensuring that BBYO continues to grow in all of our communities.The addition of a Mekasheret member to HVR's Regional Board is a significant step forward in our efforts to reach more Jewish teens throughout Westchester county.

Two Months Later:

I was just elected as HVR's first ever Regional Mekasheret and I’m so excited to expand our reach and can’t wait to begin programming for the next year. I plan to revamp prospect events to make them more interactive and expand our outreach through Westchester county!

Emma is a BBG living in Ardsley NY she loves baking!

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