How to Overcome Creative Block

December 7, 2020
Lilla Fleischmann

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Class of 2022

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When handed the first task of being a part of BBYO’s Press Corps, I realized that I needed to submit an article. I brainstormed, on my own and even with my Hub Manager Jenna, but I simply could not fixate on a topic I really wanted to write about. I attempted to write about some ideas, but none of them were satisfactory in the way I imagined them to be. I simply couldn’t think of anything and struggled to write a piece I was proud of. All of a sudden I had a realization—why not write about what I was facing… creative block!

Creative blocks are never fun, and being a person who loves to express themself through different types of media (whether it is art, music, theatre, or writing), I always find the idea of creative blocks intimidating. Even in school, when faced with deadlines or written essays, I immediately dread a situation where I can’t think of what to write.

I thought that I would share the most effective methods of how I overcome mental or creative blocks, and I hope this helps you as much as it helps me.


Meditation is one of the best ways to clear your mind from unnecessary thoughts and distractions. if you ever feel overwhelmed, go sit quietly for 5-10 minutes and clear your mind of all thoughts. Most people find this very refreshing and even a way to come across inspiration.

Focus on a new activity

By putting away the task that you’re struggling with and focusing your attention on something else, you’ll most likely find returning to the task much easier! Taking some time to do a different activity helps get rid of any lingering thoughts or stress. Doing something like going for a walk is a great way to distract yourself and relax. Getting fresh air helps to clear your head and makes you feel refreshed and ready to work on your project once again!

Keep a notebook

You never know when inspiration could hit you! Most people find the most random but amazing ideas come their way when they least expect it. You can even use a notebook to record interesting films you see, quotes you hear, and of course, any ideas you want to expand on.

I hope these ideas come in handy when needed and assist you in times of stress and a need for inspiration.

Lilla Fleischmann is a BBG living in Cape Town, South Africa and loves anything to do with the creative arts.

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