Glowneg: The Process of Steering IC

February 21, 2023
Shira Preis

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Class of 2025

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After CLTC, I was looking for any way to stay involved in international BBYO so that I could continue talking with all my new friends. This thought process inspired me to steer my very first IC. I figured that because, at CLTC, I was part of the Shabbat committee, then steering an Oneg would be right up my alley of things I know how to do. However, I don’t think I really realized what I was getting myself into with steering. 

IC 2023 is my first IC, and with that came the territory of people telling me I was crazy for trying to steer my first IC. I, of course, ignored this and signed up for steering. Once on the committee, I was partnered with a girl from Argentina named Violeta. 

For steering, we would have meetings either once a month or once every two weeks. There were two types of calls- full programming committee ones and just oneg ones. For full committee meetings, we would be on zoom with senior experiences and separates as well. This time would be a check-in time and a time to set goals. For just oneg meetings, we would work on our program planning forms. On these forms, we would write our scripts and request materials and room layouts. 

Once at IC after dinner Friday night, we went to go pick up supplies to carry out the Oneg. I needed to grab both a wagon and a huge paper bag, so if you saw a crazy person running around with a wagon, it was likely me. This is where the chaos of the day began. As many know, finding an elevator at the hotel is insane and can take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. On top of the struggle to get in the elevator comes the struggle that only one elevator leads to the correct place on the second floor. All of this caused me and our supplies to be late to onegs. 

Even though glowneg was off to a rough start, I had hope that this program would turn itself around. With help from my regional director, shout out, Abby!, we got glowneg all set up and welcomed in everyone, and the program went- ok. Glowneg wasn’t the awesome dance party we planned it to be, but it instead turned into a chill hang with friends while painting a glow-in-the-dark shirt. 

Even though the night was chaotic and nothing how I expected it to go, I would still recommend steering to everyone and still want to steer next year. At the moment, everything felt very overwhelming, and like nothing was working but looking back, I learned a lot. I learned that some things aren’t worth overly stressing over, I learned that adapting plans was important, and I learned the layout of IC. To anyone who says not to steer your first IC, I offer the opposite advice, go for it! It’s an experience that teaches you what IC is and how it runs and introduces you to new people.

Shira Preis is a BBG who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and she loves to dance and write in her free time.

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