Global Shabbat in Israel

December 24, 2020
Shenhav Uzan

Moshav Petahya, Israel

Class of 2023

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A few weeks ago we hosted Global Shabbat in Israel. Every celebration was celebrated in a special way to because Shabbat in general is a unique day for Jews.

In my Chapter we celebrated the Global Shabbat with Kiddush and Hanukkah candles. In my opinion it was very special to celebrate Global Shabbat with Hanukkah, and a week later we brought challahs and candles to my Moshav.

The candles were made by children with autism, and the challah was made by someone from our Moshav to help small businesses affected by COVID.

Another chapter went to the beach and decided to clean it up, which in my opinion is an amazing initiative.

In the end, each chapter decided on something different and each one celebrated in his or her own special way. I believe that this is an opportunity that every one should experience.

Shenhav Uzan is BBG from Israel, and she is 15 years old from a small place in the country.

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