A Day in the Life at Perlman: Kallah Edition

December 2, 2021
Ava Caiati

Port Washington, New York, United States

Class of 2023

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International Kallah- Schedule from July 26

7:45 AM- Boker Tov- Wake up as a dorm! I was in Dorm 5 alongside some of the best people I’ve ever met.

My roommates were Aliza Ellenby from Evergreen Region and Ella Zolot from Eastern Region.

8:15 AM- Shacharit (Community)- Everyone attended Shacharit this morning. I love morning services as a community, and they are such a fun way to begin your day.
9:00 AM- Aruchat Boker/Breakfast
10:00 AM- Voices of Israel & Palestine Seminar: Round 1. We had the amazing opportunity to hear from Israeli and Palestinian speakers at Perlman on this day. The night before was the full panel with every speaker. On the next day, we had the option of picking a workshop by a speaker of our choice to attend. I got to hear from an incredible speaker who wants to help the younger generation work towards Israeli-Palestinian peace. We had very meaningful conversations.
11:00 AM- Break. During break, we receive a snack such as fruit or pretzels in the quad.
11:15 AM- Voices of Israel & Palestine Seminar: Round 2. I got to pick another speaker’s workshop to attend. The workshop I attended was about how to properly approach the conflict on Social Media.
*Note: on typical days (today was a special day with speakers), throughout the day we’d attend Limmud- which are workshops by different Jewish educators about different topics. For all 3 weeks, I took Ian Kandel’s Limmud about Israel, its history, and its politics. I also took a Limmud course with Nitzan Ben Shaya also about Israeli Politics and a course about what the Torah says about sex and relationships with Rabbi Allen. There were many other options as well, such as Kosher Cooking, discovering your spirituality, questions about the Torah, and more.
12:15 PM- Seminar Closing. We concluded our speaker series with the Israeli and Palestinian speakers. It was a great program.
1:00 PM- Aruchat Tzohorayim/Lunch. We took a break from the day to eat lunch as a community after being in different programs all morning.
2:00 PM- Sivuv 8. My Sivuv group got to go rock climbing in the forest on this day! Perlman has a rock wall in a gorgeous forest on the grounds.

3:00 PM- How To 5. A major part of both Kallah and ILTC is How-To Workshops, as I mentioned before in my ILTC schedule! There are tons of different options- Kallah usually had more Judaism-based How To workshops.

3:30 PM- Chofesh. During this day’s schedule, we had a long chofesh until dinner time. A popular activity during Choesh is going to Shuk for a snack, to purchase a clothing item, or to pick up a package or mail. Below are all the yummy snack options at Shuk. At Shuk, you can purchase a punch card to pay for snacks. Larger snacks are 3 hole punches and smaller snacks and drinks tend to be around 1 or 2. Depending on how much
you go to Shuk, the cards last a little while! You can purchase and replace as many as you’d like.

6:30 PM- Mincha (Independent). Optional afternoon services during Chofesh.  

7:00 PM- Aruchat Erev/Dinner

8:15 PM- Israel 360. The special night program on this day was an Israel-themed party that took place in the entire quad. There were tons of exciting activities, games, contests, lessons, and delicious Israeli food. My favorite activity was pita making, with pita dough that we baked ourselves in fire pits. I loved the Shakshuka as well.

Ma'ariv (Independent)- There were optional night services!  

K'far- K’Far BBG met as a group at our basketball court location. We shared some good parts of our day and closed with the Shema, which we did every day.

Independent Maariv- optional night services around the Perlman tree. Whenever it was offered, I attended. It is so beautiful when the Perlman Tree is lit up.  

Lila Tov!- goodnight!

Kallah was such a meaningful program. I discovered so many new parts of myself and my ideas at Kallah. I became comfortable openly sharing new ideas and all of my thoughts while being supported and surrounded by an incredible community. I learned so much about Judaism and Israel that I will never forget.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any summer program questions or more about my experience at Perlman. I am so happy to share! (516) 551-3122

Ava Caiati is a BBG from in Nassau Suffolk Region who loves BBYO.

All views expressed on content written for The Shofar represent the opinions and thoughts of the individual authors. The author biography represents the author at the time in which they were in BBYO.

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