Friendship Over State and National Borders

December 5, 2019
Heather Saxe

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Class of 2021

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BBYO has allowed me to expand my horizons and build new friendships. Before joining this organization, my friendships were primarily based in the people physically closest to me. The majority of my friends lived in my city, Las Vegas. Although, I have some friends that lived outside my community through the Jewish Camp, JCA Shalom. When I joined BBYO, my understanding of friendship changed instantaneously. No longer did I have friends solely in my community, I was friends with people in both Arizona and Utah and eventually from all over the world.

Mountain Region presents me with a special opportunity to make friends from all different walks of life, different cities, and different states. From Scottsdale in Arizona to Salt Lake City in Utah and my home town in Las Vegas, Mountain allows so many to share in this opportunity.

From my first regional convention til today, I get to meet so many people through BBYO. Each convention I attend allows me to grow closer with those in my region. Furthermore, living in different states allows for those reunions to have a greater meaning. The feeling of running to hug someone is something I cherish and look forward to every time I attend a convention. Even though we live miles and miles away, the friends I make in my region always had a closer connection to me than my local friends. Through social media, facetime calls, and even letters, I get to stay in touch with these people who mean so much to me. This summer, one of my best friends, Lyndsey Klein, from Arizona even visited me.

Last February, I attended International Convention. Just like regional events, I got to meet so many people from many different places. From KIO to Argentina to PWR and beyond, I made connections with people all over the world. I treasure these moments and am thankful for all the amazing people I met. When looking back at my experiences in BBYO, I know I will be extremely grateful for all of the connections I made. I cannot wait to attend more regional and international events and can’t wait to meet more people, make new friends, and make everlasting memories. 

Heather Saxe is a BBG from Mountain Region who enjoys drawing and reading comic books.

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