Dos and Dont’s of Beau Ball

April 12, 2019
Julia Sisko

North Ridge, California, United States

Class of 2021

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Beau ball is right around the corner! Its that time of year to ask the guy or girl you’ve had your eye on all year. Here are a few tips and tricks to have the best night ever.

DO ask someone to beau ball! Having a friend to dance with, take pictures with, and possibly even win FREE tickets with will make your time so much more enjoyable.

DON’T sign up at the last minute! If you do, you’ll just have to pay more money at the door.

DO bring an extra pair of shoes or socks! For the ladies wearing heels all night, you’re going to get tired. Thank me later :)

DON’T politick! Many regions have elections coming soon, but we don’t want to ruin the night with spoilers.

DO dress up! Beau Ball is a fancier event where everyone looks great in their suits and dresses! Also, why not, its fun to get decked out!

DON’T get there late! Beau ball is only a few short hours, so cherish it and dance the night away.

DO vote for beau and sweetheart! Maybe you’ll even have a shot at getting to be the star of the night!

DON’T sit off to the side. Go out to the dance floor and meet new people. For many, beau ball is their first event. Make them feel welcome, and become friends!

DO bring extra money. This dance most likely has a raffle that you definitely want to be a part of.

DON’T pop balloons. The Gizborim and all steerers worked really hard to make this night special. Show them you had a good time!

DO take pictures. You’ll want to look back at this night with all your new friends.

DON’T not go! You will regret sitting at home watching Netflix while all of your friends are out having fun.

Hope this list encourages you to get out of the house and go to beau ball!

Julia Sisko is a BBG from Pacific Western Region who loves going to concerts with her friends. Her favorite class in school is American Sign Language!

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