IC 2019, We’re Ready for You!

February 13, 2019
Noah Vermes

Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States

Class of 2020

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We’re all here at the IC Hotel getting everything ready for the thousands of delegates, stakeholders, VIPs, and more to arrive in the coming days! We hope that you have been getting exciting for the largest IC yet.

From touring the convention center to reformatting this year’s stellar programming to filming inspiring and hype IC videos, we have been busy working to build our Movement’s biggest moment. We cannot wait to share the magic of IC 2019 with you today and tomorrow!

Not to mention, the amazing Admin Team has worked tirelessly sharpening LEADS tracks, organizing plenaries, writing services, and coordinating setup logistics. Yesterday, we welcomed the rest of the IC Leadership Team and staff as we began to build the branding and interactive spaces all throughout the convention center.

Be sure to follow @bbyoinsider on both Twitter and Instagram and to check out the AZA BBG IC Facebook group for updates on anything and everything related to convention! Also check out the IC 2019 website to read about this year’s speakers and performers, the IC Program Guide, the election center, and more!

We are so proud to have worked with an astounding team of teen leaders and staff and can’t wait to see you in Denver!

Noah Vermes, Eitan Ehrlich, Sam Isle, Sophie Baron, Becca Bloch, Sophie Gaer
Press Corps Editors-in-Chief

Noah Vermes is an Aleph from South Jersey Region and enjoys traveling, exotic food, and Brockhampton.

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