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DC Council’s Annual Sweetheart Heartthrob Dance

February 7, 2020

Clarksburg, Maryland, United States

Wednesday, November 27th, the day before Turkey Day, DC Council held their annual fall dance, Sweetheart Heartthrob. Every year, Alephs can run to be the Heartthrob of a BBG chapter in the council and BBGs can run to be the Sweetheart of an AZA chapter. At a meeting prior to the dance, elections take place. The AZA and BBG candidates are given questions, regarding information about the chapter’s name, number, mascot, etc. and about why they want to serve in this position. They also get to perform hilarious tasks in front of the chapter. This can be anything from slam poetry about the chapter to using their favorite pickup line on a member. The chapters then vote for their new Sweethearts and Heartthrobs that are then presented at the dance. Toward the end of the dance, Sweethearts and Heartthrobs of each chapter is announced. The council Sweetheart and Heartthrob are then also revealed! Looking back at the night, SHHT is one of the most fun and unique traditions and I am happy that I was there to witness the night unfold.

Lauren Heller is a BBG from Ko'ach BBG #2529 of Northern Region East: DC Council

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