Chapter Board: Why to Run.

November 11, 2022
Ally Yagaloff

Plainview, New York, United States

Class of 2025

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Being on a chapter board is such a unique and special experience. To help lead the chapter that has helped you on endless accounts is something many people dream of. It’s so rewarding to work with a group of people as passionate about something as you are. If you are considering running, or even if you aren’t, here are some reasons you should from the chapter board of Summit BBG.

Nicole Gleicher (N’siah)- “From the second I joined BBYO, Summit was so welcoming and provided the home I was looking for. I chose to run for N’siah to ensure our chapter continued to provide these experiences which would allow younger members to meet their best friends and make incredible memories. Also, it was very meaningful to me to oversee my board and see them accomplish all their goals. As well as my chair network and help them grow into their own leaders.”

Adina Hindi (S’ganit)- “I ran for Summit board because I want to give back to the chapter that helped me become the person I am today. Summit and its members have allowed me to break out of my comfort zone and become an outgoing person that I never thought imaginable. The inclusive programming and meaningful events where people truly develop relationships have helped me the most. Now, I want to do the same for others in Summit by planning events where they can have fun, learn about each other, and form friendships that will help them grow together.”  

Talia Bidner (Nochecha)- “I decided to run because Summit has given me so much and I really just wanted to give back. I have Summit to thank for my best friends and the people I spend all of my time with. I just wanted to help create an environment to make sure other people experience the same Summit that I have grown to love.”

Haylie Sherman (Aym Ha Plainview)- “I ran for Summit board because Summit has given me a family for the past 3 years. The people and the environment are like no other and this organization has changed my life forever. By running for board I hoped to help to give other people the same opportunity that I have had and I hoped to help others live out their full BBYO potential.”

Rebecca Perlman (Aym Ha Jericho)- “I ran for Aym-Ha Jericho because I found a home and a community in BBYO that I wanted others to know about and join. By running for recruitment it gave me a platform to be able to spread my ideas and how much I loved BBYO and what we did to temples, schools and other people in my area. Also, when on board I was given opportunities to have and gain leadership inside my chapter to help members love Summit and BBYO as a whole.”

Chase Brodsky (Sh’licha)- “I ran for Sh’licha because I love and have grown up loving participating in community service activities and being immersed in my Jewish identity. I knew that as Sh’licha, I could bring my knowledge to the chapter and provide others with a chance to share this passion with me and to make Jewish learning and advocacy fun. I also ran because Summit BBG is my heart and home forever and I love helping our chapter out in any way I can.”

Emily Sorgie (Gizborit)- “I ran for board because I wanted to be a part of something. I always dreamed about knowing what it was like behind the scenes and now I finally get to experience it. I also love being someone that younger members could look to for advice and guidance as they navigate through their BBYO journey. It has been such an experience for me so far.”

Mia Streiner (Smecha)- “I ran for board because I wanted to become more involved in my chapter and gain new leadership abilities!! I looked up to members on my chapter board throughout the entirety of last year, and because of the great example they set for me, I wanted to set that same one for future BBG’s.” 

And for me, Ally Yagaloff (Mazkirah), I ran so I could give back to the chapter that made me who I am. I have had the best experience in BBYO and it felt only fair to give that back to the chapter. Watching new members laugh, smile, and meet new friends is exactly what I had hoped for, and I’m so happy for them that they get this experience. The fact that I don’t even need to tell members to smile for pictures because they already are is everything I wanted. I ran for board to give back to the chapter that gave everything to me.

Ally Yagaloff is a BBG living in Plainview New York and she enjoys writing and communicating with others. She is involved in student government at her school and serves as her grade's Public Relations Secretary. Her chapter, Summit BBG, is her heart and home and she holds the position of Summit's Mazkirah.

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