Black Swan Situations: Pre-IC Summits

February 17, 2022
Camila Vainer

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Class of 2025

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Summit programs give you the opportunity to learn new things about specific topics. It gives you the tools to grow yourself and learn new information that may help you in the future.

My favorite program was the one called “Global Jewish Advocacy | World Jewish Congress”. An NYU professor who was born in Tel Aviv talked to us about Jewish advocacy.

The talk started a debate about how to be a member of an international institution. The final conclusion was that now a days there are many different ways to be an advocate and that the political approach to advocacy is constantly changing. The speaker concluded with the idea that that international institutions have to understand that their actions impact us and we, as members of the Jewish community, have to understand the role we can play. When I listened to this, I thought that sometimes things looks easy from the outside, but when you look closer they became more complex. I realized that you need to be a part of seeking solutions by searching for information and showing empathy to others who are experiencing hardships. You have to show your support actively. 

Then, we talked about the "Black Swan." This refers to an unusual and unique event. For example, the COVID-19 pandemic is a Black Swan reality because the chances were very small, but not impossible. So, what is the next Black Swan event of the Jewish community? We don’t know yet, but 95 percent of events are not Black Swans and so it's better to focus on being prepared for those rather than anticipating the unusual.

I really enjoyed Summit and this program in particular because it was interactive and really left me thinking. I hope all my fellow Summit Delegates enjoyed the program as much as I did.

Camilla Vainer is a BBG from BBYO: Argentina and loves to meet new people.

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