18 Things to Do While Counting Election Ballots

February 1, 2023
Sidra Rutstein

Chicago,Illinois, United States

Class of 2024

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  1. Make top 10 lists
  2. Blindly rank Taylor Swift albums
  3. Make superlatives (“most likely tos”!) for the group
  4. Play Simon Says
  5. Try and undo a human knot
  6. Practice cheer circle songs - like the BBG Heartbeat or Identity, Identity
  7. Eat spooey
  8. Write fun haikus
  9. Play Telephone 
  10. Play Down By the Banks (The game's song is sang to a specific rhythm as participants clap their hand on the palm in their other hand. This clap is passed around the circle until the song ends, where the person who the song ended on must leave the circle. Circle closes in and the song and clapping starts again). 
  11. Play Ultimate Soap (ultimate frisbee but with bar of soap)
  12. Give each other back massages
  13. Play Mafia (Have everyone get into a circle and close their eyes. Tap one person one time to signal they are the “mafia”, tap a second person two times to signal they are the “detective”, tap a third person to signal they are the “doctor”, the rest of the students are the “townspeople”. Then they each wake up one at a time, and mafia wakes up chooses someone who they want to kill, the detective picks who they think is the mafia, and the doctor says who they want to save. Finally everyone awakes and the storyteller says who died in a creative way and if they were saved then the game goes on until the detective guesses)
  14. Get Sturdy
  15. See who can recite the most of the Gettysburg Address/the Constitution/any other historical document!
  16. Share favorite memory from term
  17. Play Pictionary 
  18. Play BBYO Trivia 

Sidra Rutstein is a BBG from Chicago who likes Ross Lynch.

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