Beyond The Packing List: Extra Things To Bring to CLTC

July 5, 2024
Samantha Lehrman

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Class of 2027

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If anyone is going to a BBYO Summer Program, we all know that the packing list can be quite extensive. It shows what to bring, like clothes, accessories, and more. The list ensures we have enough things to wear and use during the program, but occasionally, we may not bring exactly what we need. There are moments at camp when we think, "Oh, I wish I had brought this," or "I didn't need to bring that." I'm going to talk about what extra things that you should bring to CLTC that are not in the packing list.

1. Tide Pen

There are going to be multiple times in the day where someone is going to get dirty, especially from food. There are a couple of times in the day when we accidently get food on our clothes, especially white or fancy clothes. When that does happen, a Tide Pen comes in handy. I personally didn’t bring one. I would recommend bringing one everywhere you will go, because you never know what will happen.

2. Fan

If you’ve  never been to a sleepaway camp before, the first thing I say is to bring a portable fan. The cabins that we stay in, especially at CLTC, can get really hot because there is no air conditioning. When you get back to your bunk after a hot long day, you will want to use a fan to cool off. Some people use it while sleeping, but I recommend bringing one with a charger, because a battery powered fan can run out very fast.

3. Old Clothes

There are going to be times at camp when we are going to do something active. It could be sports activities or activities where you might get dirty. If your staff or coordinators say you’re doing something that will get you dirty, I recommend wearing old clothes and then afterwards you can throw them away or clean them when you get back home. Don’t wear something that you care about every day at camp that could get ruined.

4. Bracelet String

Bracelet making is one of the most popular activities to do during Chofesh (free time) or when you are bored. Everyone uses bracelet strings to make friendship bracelets to give to each other, to remember their time together at CLTC. Friendship bracelets help people come together and have fun. CLTC provides bracelet strings for activities, but I recommend bringing extra, for it may run out. 

5. Hammocks

During free time, everyone likes to relax and spend time with their friends. Hammocks are useful during Chofesh to relax and to talk to others.  There are so many trees to put hammocks on. When you arrive at camp, I recommend putting up your hammocks fast, because the good spots will be gone. If you don’t bring a hammock, it is okay because there will likely be enough to share with everyone.

6. Digital Cameras

Since we have phones these days you would think that we always take pictures on them, but that is not the case at camp. At conventions, programs, and at camps, everyone brings digital cameras to have aesthetic-looking pictures. A digital camera offers higher image quality, better optical zoom capabilities, and many more opportunities to receive an amazing photo. Everyone uses digital cameras to save their memories of camp, and then they post it on their social media. If you don’t bring one, that’s okay, but it is convenient.

7. Small Bags

At camp, we are always busy to the point that we don’t have an opportunity to go to our bunks until chofesh. We always have to bring everything that we need for the day everywhere, like phones, a portable charger, sunscreen, and other important things. There are so many things to bring to the point you can’t hold it all, so bringing a bag is convenient. It could be a string bag, a small bag, or anything you want to bring. I always bring a small bag with me everywhere to put my lip balms and chargers in. It makes walking around camp very easy for me everyday. 

There are so many things that you could bring to a BBYO Summer Experience, but these things are the most important. This stuff can help you have a great and easy summer at CLTC or any other camps in the summer.

Samantha is a BBG from Mountain Region and has been in BBYO since she was 8th grade. She's had the best time with this community of Jewish People.

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