BBYO Austria Is On the Move

October 25, 2018

Last week, I went to the Fall Kickoff in Vienna, Austria which I knew about thanks to my sister Lara, the local Junior Advisor. She told me all about this Movement and about their role in the Jewish community, nay, in the world! Everything she told me was true!

BBYO started in Vienna only two years ago and just had a huge breakthrough: Fall Kickoff. More than 30 people attended, which is huge for our community, and we are so excited about it!

BBYO is unlike any youth organization I know. I’ve participated in many different youth organizations over the past several years and nothing compares to BBYO. What other organizations have accomplished doesn't even compare with what BBYO has in store for our generation. Not only will we go on countless memorable and unforgettable trips, but we will also have regular chapter meetings and seminars to expand and enhance our knowledge about Judaism, leadership, and so many other topics!

Additionally, instead of wasting time only discussing problems, international conflicts, world crises, or any kind of situations that concern us all, we actually engage and try to make a difference with our own actions in our community. That’s what I like most about BBYO—there is a mindset to move, encourage, and help people. BBYO is our platform to make the world a better place. This Movement is about making a change in our society, and more importantly, engaging our friends to make a difference with us. We are taught to be tolerant, accepting, and inclusive.

Hopefully, BBYO Austria will succeed in reaching more Jewish teens than ever before. Thanks to BBYO, we are all leaders and together. We will make the world a better place for future generations—it’s our turn.

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