BBYO Launches on Tik Tok

October 18, 2019

Movement Updates

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Big News!

We're officially on Tik Tok. Hit us with a follow at @bbyoofficial. We're excited to re-post and share some hilarious and entertaining new content on this platform.

To get started, every time The Shofar blast goes out, we're announcing a new Tik Tok Challenge. If you participate, you may get some serious face time. We'll repost the best on BBYO Insider's Instagram and Snapchat and celebrate you to thousands when The Shofar blast goes out. We're excited to see your creativity, humor, dance moves 🕺, and more.

The first Tik Tok Challenge is...

The Sizzling Summer Challenge

As you know, #BBYOSummer2020 registration is around the corner (Thursday, November 7) and we want to see what you've got to hype BBYO Summer Experiences.

To enter, post your video on Tik Tok, tag @bbyoofficial, and use this week's contest hashtag #BBYOSummer2020. All submissions should be in by Sunday, October 27. We're excited to see what you come up with!

Welcome to a new era of BBYO social media—this is going to be a lot of fun.

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