AZA Separates: The True Power of An AZA Brotherhood

February 21, 2023
Ben Goldstein

Marlboro, New Jersey, United States

Class of 2024

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Separates, at any level, are held dear to BBYO members across the movement. Most notably, the AZA separates a constant memory all Alephs hold close to their hearts. It is where we, as a brotherhood, come together, as one and strengthen our bond. 

On Friday Night at IC 2023 in Dallas, Texas, I was recently given a momentous opportunity to lead one of these separates, and it was a memory that I will forever hold close to my heart. 

As I ran around the room, teaching my brother Alephs different rituals that they may or may not have learned in their home regions, there was an amazing sense that filled the air. Most teens in that program have never met each other, and yet we acted like we've known each other our entire lives. 

The shear comradery amongst Alephs and the standards we set for our brotherhood is something that cannot be matched in any other group on Earth. Our traditions and cheers are what bring us together. And we are all one: One Heartbeat, One Body, One Movement. 

Separates connects us to the past and respects the traditions that come with it while also preserving those lessons for the future. It is our job as Alephs during our separation to become closer to one another, and be willing to open up to our Brotherhood. We are AZA, and to quote the Blue Book: 

“When I help my brother 

I know that I 

Will Plant the Seed of Friendship

That will NEVER DIE”

Ben Goldstein is an Aleph from Marlboro, New Jersey, and he is a massive New York Jets fan.

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