The Best of the Worst on Netflix

June 2, 2023
Claire Lenkin

Rockville, Maryland, United States

Class of 2025

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On streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO, and Amazon, there’s hundreds, if not thousands of TV shows and movies. Naturally, there are some pretty awful and overall questionable shows in the mix. And of course, there are some shows that are so bad, they’re good. These are the shows that are perfect to hate-watch, or watch with the intention of mocking it and making fun of it. With that, here is my list of the best things to hate-watch on Netflix.

1. Love and Gelato

This movie is based off a book with the same title. A few years ago, I had read the book and enjoyed it, so when I saw it had been made into a movie, I figured it had to be pretty good. I was very mistaken. While the acting is pretty average (it doesn’t ruin the movie, but doesn't add to it either), the fault is really with the producers and back scenes staff. The movie is supposed to be set in Italy, so I was expecting beautiful shots of ruins, and sophisticated clothes. However, the movie is so visually unappealing it was hard to watch. The dresses the main character wears that are supposed to be ‘showstoppers’ look like any random dress from Walmart, and the shots of scenery look so incredibly fake. However, as a sucker for a good rom-com, the characters kept me in it and because of that, I recommend a hate-watch of this movie.

2. Ginny and Georgia

I was pretty late to Ginny and Georgia, only watching for the first time in November. I binged the first season in a little less than a week, the hour-long episodes providing my entertainment during Thanksgiving break. The show was recommended to me by some friends, who had told me I would love the show and the characters. I loved the show, but for a different reason. It was just so. bad. My biggest critique of the show is the lack of ‘root-for’ characters. That is, characters that really had me excited and had me wanting them to do well. Georgia is a terrible person, committing multiple crimes throughout the course of the show but barely faces any punishment. Ginny is also a terrible friend, and one of the most selfish characters on the show. She is unable to see past her struggles, and seems to believe the world revolves around her. There were moments during the show where I had to stop watching solely because of how hard I was cringing. The writers tried to lean into Gen Z trends a little too hard, and it ended up looking like a caricature of how teens actually act. However, the show did end up providing fantastic background noise that I play when I have to do homework. If you want an awful show you can laugh at (not with!) then Ginny and Georgia will be perfect.

3. Tall Girl (1 and 2)

Tall Girl was a movie I watched right after it came out in 2019.  As a girl who is only two inches shorter than the one they have in the movie, I didn’t understand how a 6 '1 girl was a crazy concept to her school. In pretty much any high school, there’s plenty of basketball or volleyball players that go over the 6’1 mark. For the movie to be believable, they needed to stretch that height as much as possible. These movies are also plagued with awfully cringe worthy dialogue. One line in particular from the first movie blew up, causing an online trend. Jodi, the main character, is talking about being tall and goes on to say; “You think your life is hard? Well, I’m a high school junior wearing size 13 Nikes. Mens’ size 13 Nikes. Beat that!” Well Jodi, there happens to be plenty of people who have much larger struggles than being an above average girl. The plot is okay, typical cliches where the girl realizes ‘the one’ was the guy in front of her the whole time. Despite these factors, I watch this at least once or twice every few months just to laugh. As a ‘tall girl’ myself, seeing Jodi completely freak out over being a taller girl never fails to entertain me, and now, hopefully you!

Claire Lenkin is a BBG from Maryland who loves playing tennis, summer camp, and hanging out with friends.

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