Keeping Pace: July Edition ☀️

August 28, 2023
Courtney Saxe

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Class of 2023

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July has flown by so quickly! With such an amazing summer soon coming to an end, I am excited to reflect back on the adventures I have embarked on. The beginning of the month brought me to the second shabbat at ILTC. Coordinating ILTC was such an honor and I am so thankful for these new connections and opportunities to teach, educate, and learn more about the movement and how to be a good leader. The second shabbat was blue themed and was in the middle of our mock convention weekend. Some other highlights of this weekend were a mock business meeting, States ceremony, and all of the ritualistic practices of a community-wide weekend. Some other exciting programming including  celebrating Fourth of July and Maccabiah (Mazel Tov red Team!), taking a day off camp for roller skating and movies, and even introducing a new mural on Perlman camp. Be sure to attend ILTC or Kallah next year so you can see it yourself! My favorite memory  of the conference was ILTC’s final weekend’s separates and inductions. The program was based off of “The Giving Tree,” and reflected on the power that we have as a movement and what teens can bring back to their communities. Inductions were so incredibly special. Going around and lighting each BBG’s candle and handing them a letter made this whole experience so special. Inducting 109 BBGs into the International Order of the B’nai B’rith Girls and screaming spirit circles at the top of our lungs is remarkable.

A sad departure brought me home for a few days to sleep and recover before heading back up to Kallah with my co TJ! Being a visitor in the space where I was leading for three weeks and meeting so many new teens gave me a whole new perspective We had the ability to watch AZA and BBG light up during Shabbat, and watch incredible teens lead the room. My favorite highlights of our Kallah visit have to include: Lake day, a beautiful Havdallah service with Julia and Eric, meeting and listening to speakers during the Israel Seminar, and Rikkudim (Israeli Dancing!)

During the visit we also had the opportunity to visit CLTC 4! Arriving at Commonpoint to meet teens from all over the world was such an exciting treat. The teens in attendance are amongst the most fun and brightly spirited I have ever met. They greeted TJ and I with such bright spirits and we were able to engage and get to know so many in such little time. During our time there, CLTC hosted an ILN fair to educate on all of the opportunities within the international leadership network and more. One of my favorite parts had to be being one of the sharks in their “Mock Shark Tank.” Each of the chapters came up with a program that they would do in their mock chapters that incorporated the folds of AZA and BBG. The winning chapter received the funding to do the program in their home communities, (Go Matzah Men!). A trip of meeting new friends, connecting with old ones, and soaking in the weather of the Poconos.

TJ and I took a quick 3 hour drive with some members of the BBYO marketing (Hi Debbie and Terry!) to the BBYO HQ in Washington, DC for a few days to work on all things August Execs and traveling for the year. We had the ability to meet with Rebecca and Emily, the 73rd and 75th International N’siot for breakfast, and with other members of the BBYO team to train and prep further for the year. Of course we made time to go see the new Barbie movie and wow, it was a 100/10.

For the next few weeks between DC and August Execs is grind time! Lots of planning, meetings, and dreaming up one of the most historical conferences yet! I am pumped to be welcoming teens from all around the world to Omaha so soon! Thanks for reading and talk again soon!

Courtney Saxe is a BBG from Mountain Region is serving as the 79th Anita M. Perlman International N'siah.

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