55 Years of Friendship

March 9, 2020
Lauren Heller

Clarksburg, Maryland, United States

Class of 2020

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As you have probably learned from BBYO, strong connections with others can blossom out of nowhere and create incredible long-lasting friendships you didn't expect. My grandparents, also met their best friends when they were young. Here is how it all happened

In January of 1965, my grandparents, Joan and Steve, were waiting in anticipation of their wedding on Saturday, March 20th. Prior to the wedding, Nancy, a coworker of my grandma’s, mentioned that her best friend’s wedding was going to be on the same day. Luckily, Nancy was going to be able to attend parts of both weddings.

Fast forward a few weeks and Nancy informed my grandma of yet another coincidence: Carol and Eddie were going to the same place for their honeymoon as my grandparents. Excited by this crazy coincidence, the two couples went bowling together and instantly clicked.

On their honeymoon, a cruise to Puerto Rico, they did everything together. Back home in New York City, Carol & Eddie and Joan & Steve continued hanging out together, including many weekend-getaways. Even though my grandparents moved to Pennsylvania, the couples continued their strong friendship, and eventually had children right around the same time.To this day, at 77 years old, the couples celebrate birthdays and wedding anniversaries together, as well as travel around the world. They have been there for each other through the lows, the highs, and all of life's crazy adventures. 

Sitting around the table with all four of them, their constant laughter shows me what real friendship can look like. You never know who or what life is going to throw at you, so never take these friendships for granted. Make the most of the connections that you create. You may be surprised as to who will be sitting around the table with you when you are almost 80!  

Lauren Heller is a BBG from Ko'ach BBG #2529 of Northern Region East: DC Council

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