5 Things I’m Bringing With Me on ILSI

June 9, 2023
Maya Stone

New York, New York, United States

Class of 2024

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This summer, I will be heading to Israel for BBYO's International Leadership Seminar in Israel. With the trip coming so soon, it’s time to start thinking about what’s coming with me and what some of the necessities are for my trip.

A reusable water bottle

With Israel being so hot, it might become really annoying to have to buy a new water bottle everywhere you go. I personally love to use my Hydroflask. When picking out a bottle, I highly recommend getting one that has the ability to keep water cold for a long time.

BBYO clothes to trade

Bringing clothes to trade is such an amazing experience because it gives you the opportunity to receive items from other states or countries. Trading clothes also allows you to meet teens from around the International Order and take home a souvenir from your new friends.

Friendship bracelet string

I love making friendship bracelets and I definitely plan on bringing them with me, whether it’s traveling around Israel or on the long plane ride. This is also a fun pastime for regular downtime. My favorite pattern is either the chevron or the candy stripe, especially using pastel colors.

A hat and sunglasses

Bringing a hat and sunglasses is absolutely necessary because it is so important to protect from the hot Israeli sun. You can bring any type of hat (baseball cap, bucket hat, etc.). Wearing a hat will help with keeping the sun out of your face and eyes and protect you from a painful sunburn.

A portable charger

Finally, A portable charger can be a life saver especially with really long days, you won’t have to worry about your phone battery running low. Going along with having a portable also makes sure to have the adapter for the outlets. Outlets in other countries can be totally different from ones that we have in the U.S.

There are so many necessities for going on a BBYO Passport trip to help you have the best experience possible!

Maya Stone is BBG living in New York and loves to read.

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