5 Argentinian Movies and Series You Should Watch.

December 9, 2022
Catalina Kogan

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Class of 2025

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You might think you know a lot about Argentina, but have you ever seen an Argentinian movie or series? If you haven't, today is your lucky day because this list will serve as a guide to immerse yourself in the Argentine film industry.

  1. Sean eternos: Campeones de América.

This series shows the path that Argentine soccer players took in order to become champions of the Copa America. The protagonist is the famous Lionel Messi. In one chapter, it shows all the defeats that he went through and the opinion of other soccer players that watched him grow and become the amazing player he has become. If you are keen on soccer and especially The World Cup, you should definitely give it a go. You can find it on Netflix!

  1. Argentina 1985

This movie reports a true story event where two prosecutors, Julio Strassera and Luis Moreno Ocampo, try to investigate and prosecute the militaries of one of the Argentine dictatorships. This movie is directed by Santiago Mitre and it has been preselected to be part of the Oscar awards. If you want to watch it you can find it on Amazon Prime!

  1. Carmel: ¿Quién mató a Maria Marta?

This series tells the true story of a crime that happened in a private neighborhood called Carmel, on a random weekend of the year 2002, where a person (who still hasn’t been identified) murdered Maria Marta Belsunce without any explanation. This documentary shows the testimonials of her family members and other prosecutors that had been involved in the case. You can find it on Netflix!

  1. Esperando a la carroza

This movie portrays a typical Sunday in Argentina where a family gets together to discuss who is going to live with their 80-year-old grandma, Mama Cora, in order to take care of her. The discussions go on all day until they lose the grandma and no one knows where she is. If you want to laugh and want to distract yourself, this is a great movie to watch, and you can find it on Netflix!

  1. Yo, adolescente

This movie shows us the life of a teenager living in Buenos Aires in the early 2000’s, where the main character blogs about his daily life after the death of one of his friends while he also explores his sexuality. This is a very interesting take on teenagers and night culture in Argentina. You can watch it on Netflix!

Catalina Kogan is a BBG from Argentina and she's a perfectionist.

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