10 Tips to Dedicate Yourself to Online Classes

November 30, 2020
Sara Lechter

Bogota, Colombia

Class of 2023

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The COVID-19 pandemic has half of the world's students without face-to-face classes, according to data shared by UNESCO.

In this context, many educational institutions are working to provide their academic training through digital platforms.

Here we give you these tips to start this new stage of online classes:

Where Do We Start?

1. Choose the ideal place

Assign yourself a quiet, well-lit area in your home with enough space for you to focus on your classes.

Try to avoid rooms where your parents or siblings usually inhabit because they may distract you and make it more difficult for you to stay focused.

2. Maintain a routine

Wake up at the same time, have breakfast, and get dressed as if you were going to face-to-face classes. Establishing a routine will keep you concentrated and in the mindset of being at school.

3. Be comfortable, but avoid the bed.

Keep in mind that you will be learning from home, but don't let that become a potential factor of distraction- the further away you are from the bed, the better!

4. Prepare your computer equipment and verify that your webcam is working correctly.

Wear headphones, preferably a hands-free one with a good microphone so that it’s easy for people to understand you.

Also, keep a notebook and pen on hand to take notes, and make sure your computer is equipped with WiFi.

5. Take advantage of your laptop and put down your cell phone

On mobile devices such as tablets or cell phones, it is more challenging to work on classwork that your teacher gives you because you must exit the application to do them.

However, on a computer, it’s easy to have multiple tabs open at once. You can have your browser, your documents, and other application open without having to leave your virtual classroom.

6. Use applications

Use these applications to help you study better, such as resoomer, photomath, Duolingo, Canva, focus Do, etc. These will make it easier to understand concepts you are struggling with and make it easier to organize all your work.

7. Organize your time

Use free time to finish homework and projects early. This newly-found free time will give you more free time to do things you want to do and prevent you from completing assignments at the last minute!

8. Review your notes regularly

Reviewing your notes and frequently taking practice tests will improve your memory, and better understand what you have learned.

9. Have a positive attitude

You must be actively motivated. Persist in the face of difficulties, and you will see how you will feel better as you will progressively achieve your objectives and goals. Accept that some days are less productive than others, and reward yourself for completing a difficult task.

10. Take a break

It is not mentally effective to spend hours continuously studying as performance will decrease. It’s essential to take breaks, change the scenery, take a walk, and overall clear your mind before returning to the task at hand.

Sara Lechter is a BBG from Colombia who loves to dance and watch movies with her friends.

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