10 Reasons You Should Visit Serbia

November 22, 2019
Ognjena Ratkovic

Belgrade, Serbia

Class of 2020

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When people want to travel to Europe, they usually think of France, Spain, or Italy. Serbia is not really a popular tourist spot, but I have started to realize how beautiful it is. This past summer, I met two friends from BBYO who had been to Serbia, and I also asked them how they liked it. So, if you love to travel and wanna learn more, here’s 10 reasons you should visit Serbia. 

  1. Capital - Belgrade


Belgrade, in all it’s glory, is pretty impressive. In literal translation, Belgrade means white city. The idea behind it was kinda like Jerusalem, to have all buildings in white stone. It didn’t really work out but the city centre is mostly made out of white marble and full of monuments that are rich in history. It is also built on 2 rivers called Danube and Sava and there is a lot of natural space to walk. It’s deffinetly one of the prettiest European capitals. 

Some things to see: Kalemegdan fortress, Avala Mountain, Knez Mihajlova street, Topcider park. 

  1. Novi Sad

This city is a tourist favorite and is just 40 minutes north from Belgrade, Novi Sad is your typical little old European city. Personally, I think it gives off Vienna vibes, with a mix in of Zagreb. I think it’s really photo-worthy and has some amazing monuments and museums. There is also a National Park very close by! 

Things to visit: Petrovaradin fortress, city centre, Dunavski park, Fruska Gora National Park. 

  1. Food 

Yes, the food here is amazing and it’s also very affordable. From pljeskavica (Serbian type of burger, shown on the first picture), ajvar (minced peppers into a paste, sounds bad but in all seriousness if you ever try it there’s no going back.), and filled peppers (imagine sarma but better, you fill bell peppers w minced meat and rice/potato, heaven), serbian cuisine is something I can’t describe, you really need to try yourself

  1. Sunsets 

Listen, I’ve been to many places, but nothing will ever top sunsets in Serbia. It’s so amazing how the sky can go from orange to purple, to pink, to red to black in the span of minutes. I love sunsets and I always take pictures, so if you need any more to convince you to come, my Instagram is a place to find more! 

  1. Djavolja Varos (Devil’s town)

Known as a natural wonder, this monument is comprised of two rare phenomena: the soil figures, as specific forms of relief which appear rather attractive, and two springs of extremely acidic water with high mineralization. it’s definitely a place to visit. The name comes from a story where the people didn’t know what the figure looked like so they thought the devil himself had made it. It was also nominated to be a part of the new seven world wonders. If u wanna know more about this cool place, click here!

  1. Music festivals 

Marko Obradović Edge EXIT photo team 2019, 

Summer Music festivals in Serbia are an iconic addition to a wonderful nightlife and music culture. They always host some really amazing headliners. EXIT Festival is the biggest one and was voted as one of the best European music festivals. In the past, they have hosted artists like Migos, Skepta, David Guetta, Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers, Ellie Goulding, Jason Derulo, and many many more. The festival lasts four days and usually sells out. It’s definitely the biggest event of the year, and just one in many of amazing music festivals happening in Serbia. 

  1. Rich Jewish History

Jews have had a really big influence on Belgrade’s history. There are so many Jewish monuments, old synagogues, and Jewish museums all around Serbia. It’s definitely worth the visit. 

Image result for jewish belgrade

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  1. People 

Serbia is definitely one of the most welcoming countries, people are kind and welcoming. Most of the people speak English, and customer service in Serbian businesses and even just citizens around the city are always happy to help, show you around, and answer all of your questions. 

  1. Archeological sites

The oldest urban settlement was found right here in Serbia. Lepenski Vir is located on the Danube here in Serbia and it’s one of the most important archeological sites in Europe. Besides that, you can visit the mammoth park, with mammoth bones found called Viminacium. How cool is that?!


  1. BBYO Balkans - Serbia 

And last, but not least, if none of these convinced you enough to come to visit, then you should come to see your friends, or to meet some of our amazing members! We will make sure you feel at home, and make your visit unforgettable! So, when you plan a travel, make sure to keep Serbia in mind! Last, but not least, my friend’s notes on Serbia! 

So, when you plan a travel, make sure to keep Serbia in mind! Last, but not least, my friend’s notes on Serbia! 

Benjamin Cook, NTO: 

Even though I was only in Serbia for about 18 hours, I still had a great time seeing the beautiful lights and city of Belgrade and meeting some welcoming and friendly people during my short stay in the country.

(Ben and his teammates in Serbia!)

Ognjena Ratkovic is a BBG from BBYO Balkans, and she lives for all things pop culture, cute animals, and social media.

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