10 Reasons Why You Should Be at Your New Member Convention

November 12, 2018
Mike Stein

Richmond, Virginia, United States

Class of 2020

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10. Your first convention is one of the best conventions ever—it’s an experience you’ll remember forever.

9. Meeting everyone from your council, region, or country is incredible. You get to make friendships that won’t just last through high school, but for life.

8. Becoming close with senior trainers or older members is incredibly cool and helpful. They know how BBYO works and they can answer any questions you have and can talk about anything you want.

7. Learning about how a chapter should work is a super valuable experience. It’s useful for a cohesive board and the rest of your BBYO career, but it also teaches you how organizations and businesses should work for after high school.

6. When you get up on stage and show off your chapter shirts, banner, and song, you get to show off something you’re proud of to all your peers and that’s sick.

5. You will learn the Birkat and ALL of the moves, it’s an awesome prayer that you’ll share with every Aleph and BBG.

4. Getting to stay up all night with your brothers is the best. You’ll have too many funny memories to count.

3. Everyone brings snacks—you’ll be stocked up with Sour Patch Kids, Goldfish, whatever you could ask for.

2. The dessert is so good at conventions. It’s always better there.

1. Getting inducted and becoming a full member of your region is one of the most meaningful moments you'll have in BBYO.

Michael Stein is an Aleph from Eastern Region: Virginia Council who is currently serving as his Council S'gan and loves goldfish.

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