Teens United for Ukraine

A BBYO Emergency ISF Campaign Supporting the JDC Relief Efforts

In Judaism, the number 18 symbolizes life. As a People, we cheer ‘L’chaim’ — to life, with hope and anticipation of good things to come. Given the situation in Ukraine, and growing across Eastern Europe, it is our responsibility as Jews to support our family across the world. Politics aside, BBYO stands for peace, safety, and human rights. The BBYO International Board, working with our peers across the Movement, is announcing this new fundraiser, aligned with our International Service Fund’s tzedakah values, and we need your help to raise funds to support Jews in need because of the current crisis.

$8,837.88 USD

$72,000 USD

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Step 1: Raise $180 with your chapter for the JDC Emergency Campaign

We're directing all funds to our trusted partners at the JDC. Make a donation on their site in whole or incrementally with the link below.


Step 2: Let us know you donated

Because all gifts are being given to the JDC directly, we’re asking chapter leaders to help track their contributions (screenshots of donations, emails, or text messages to confirm gifts) so that we can highlight all participating communities and chapters. When you hit your goal of $180, fill out the form below or email HelpUkraine@bbyo.org. Make sure your chapter is represented!

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More Ways to Help 👇

If there is anything we can do to support you and your loved ones, please never hesitate to reach out. We will continue to be in touch until the violence ends, which we hope will be soon.

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Community Updates

Eastern: North Carolina

For the past few years, BBYO Eastern Region has been working closely with their sister city in JDC's Active Jewish Teens: Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia. Before the Pandemic, these communities had participated in global exchanges both in-person and virtually. Here's how Eastern: North Carolina has immediately taken action to support this community they've grown close with.

  • Every North Carolina chapter is working to raise the minimum $180 through special events and letter templates to community members

  • North Carolina teens are compiling a video to send to the AJT teens in Ukraine to share support, love, and encourage strength

  • Purim will be used as an opportunity to raise funds for the JDC through a Hamantaschen bake sale at the community’s Purim events

Mobilization Efforts


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March 29, 2022

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Movement Updates


March 29, 2022

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Linda Verő Bán

Budapest, Hungary