BBYO Delivers 125 Pesach Packages Across Europe

April 20, 2022

Movement Updates

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This Passover, BBYO delivered approximately 125 Pesach Packages across Ukraine, Georgia, Germany, Lithuania, Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, and throughout Israel. The BBYO team worked with Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen to ensure that any member of our Movement in this region who indicated that their family needed Seder and Passover Supplies received them. 

Each kit included Matzah, grape juice or wine, apples, lettuce, parsley, kosher for Passover sweets, some other essential items, as well as Russian Haggadot, a guide on how to run a Seder that we translated into Russian, and a note – also in Russian – from BBYO and JDC’s AJT to each family. 

While it’s a small gesture in comparison to the heroic lifts of many of the Jewish institutions on the ground in Europe, BBYO is glad to have been able to make this possible for members of our community. BBYO is eternally grateful to our team on the ground that helped hand assemble the boxes, coordinate shipping to guarantee arrival before Passover, pull together content, and coordinate with the families.

Chag Sameach to all from BBYO.

BBYO Eastern Europe lead staff Rebeka Mucheva (left) and Maja Vizentaner (right) with Pesach Packages.

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