Wisconsin Region Gets Ready for Its Biggest Convention Yet

December 12, 2018
Daniel Moser

Milwaukee, Wisconson

Class of 2020

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Two weeks ago, the six chapters that make up Wisconsin Region all had their Winter Regional Convention (WRC) Prep Sleepovers. WRC is an extremely competitive weekend between Wisconsin's chapters. For a deeper insight on all the hype for the 2019 Winter Regional Convention, I got the chance to ask many members why they were excited.

“I am super excited for my first BBYO convention because I have heard so much about how fun and amazing conventions are.” —Asher Stein
“This sleepover got me really excited to go back to WRC and take another win with the boys.” —Alex Stelzer
“I'm excited for WRC because of the memories that can be made with fellow Jewish friends”. —Mikey Florsheim
“I'm excited to see my friends, show my patriotism, and WIN FIRST PLACE in the spirit competition” —Hayden Wasserman
"I'm looking forward to WRC because I love all of the chapter spirit that everyone shows 24/7." —Zach Sprinkmann
“WRC is an amazing experience because it is the one time in the year where we compete with other chapters.” —Micah Sweet
"WRC is always a great time for me because it gives me the opportunity to meet Jewish teens from around Milwaukee who I would've never met if it weren't for BBYO." —Gabe Guralnick
“This is my last spirit convention and I’m ready to defend the cup and win WRC!” —Jason Scheuer

Daniel Moser is an Aleph from Wisconsin Region and loves the Green Bay Packers.

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