Why You Should Run for Chapter Board

November 4, 2022
Julia Megibow

Commack, New York, United States

Class of 2024

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April 2021. My chapter N’siah sends a message in our GroupMe about running for board. A seemingly terrifying concept, that seemed so far away, yet still something I wanted to experience. As I opened the election packet, each aspect inspired me, and the more I read, the more I was convincing myself. I had to run.

Running for board is a commitment. Creating a unique and eye-catching platform is important. Additionally, it’s necessary to make a convincing and energetically enthusiastic speech so the audience can feel your passion. This was a challenge I was ready to start.

I have now run for board twice. Once successfully, and the other unsuccessfully, yet I am equally grateful for both experiences. I have learned so much from both, despite the different outcomes. The first time I ran, I really didn’t know what to expect. I had never been to an in-person election, due to Covid, and although I was getting advice from my sister, she had never run, so she didn’t know what to truly expect either. Through the process of running, I learned so much. Between understanding what a platform really is, and how to create one, as well as exactly how to put my goals, ideas, and passions for my chapter and BBYO as a whole into one three-minute speech. I gained so much knowledge that I never would have otherwise gathered. Creating a speech may seem simple, but there’s truly no “right” or “good” way to put all your thoughts into a few coherent paragraphs that convince a large group of people to vote you onto their board. You just need to be yourself. When I won, I was ecstatic. But I learned even more the second time I ran.

When I lost board, I was devastated. I thought I put my all into my candidacy; my platform, my speech, and my composure. But looking back, I hadn’t. I know I could’ve added a few extra lines to my speech to spice it up, or added an extra idea or two onto my platform that would have elevated my chances. I missed the opportunity to convey what I truly wanted. I didn’t though, and that’s ok. Because I learned so much, politics aside, about myself, and how much BBYO really means to me.

Of course being on board, whether chapter, council/regional, or international, is an exciting and fulfilling task. It’s arguably not the most important role of a member of BBYO, though. That’s reserved for the general members. Running for board is such a privilege, and I loved it, every time I did. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being on board. But having the opportunity to run and lose has truly taught me more about who I am as a person, as a BBG, and as a member of my chapter. I chose to take my defeat as a learning opportunity.

For those of you who may be unsure about running, for any reason, do it. It doesn’t matter if you think you’ll lose; you never know what will happen, and election results will always surprise you. It doesn’t matter if your friend is running against you; don’t let it ever come between the friendship. It doesn't matter if you think you’re unqualified; your dedication and drive to improve the chapter is enough. 

Running for board, both times, were some of the greatest decisions of my life, and I would recommend to anybody eligible to take the opportunity and run with it. 

Julia Megibow is a BBG living in Commack, New York, who loves gymnastics, all things music (specifically Taylor Swift and Dean Lewis), and will always love a big bowl of fruit!

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