Why is Riverdale Not Cancelled Yet?

March 2, 2021
Alix Gilkarov

Vienna, Austria

Class of 2023

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*Riverdale spoiler alert*

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a very large rock should be aware of a show called Riverdale! Not necessarily because of its “quality,” but rather because of the insanely illogical plot (this is my opinion of course). I have decided to share my point of view on the show, as I have apparently become a show critic, and I really don’t mind. In any case, Riverdale started releasing weekly episodes again not too long ago, which inspired me to write this article!

Riverdale is, as previously mentioned, a Netflix original and CW partner. This is already an indication of the show’s quality, but as the show was released in 2017, it was one of the newer Netflix shows and became popular very quickly. Everyone was intrigued by the plot of the first season, and I have to admit it was quite good. What appealed to audiences the most was the relatable characters, who were around the same age as most young Netflix users. Personally, I think that Cole Sprouse’s role triggered a lot of fangirl moments around the world, especially for people who still knew him as Cody in Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Good times. Anyways, the plot of the first season was a classic, a  murder mystery, and teens trying to solve the case instead of actual investigators. But apart from a few plot holes, the season was amazing! I truly had no idea who the murderer was until it was revealed, and the love interests also made the season more fun to watch. In my opinion, the acting was the best in this first season, and FP was amazing in it. It was a great and exciting season overall!

Now the next season is where it gets tricky. The black hood is suddenly in Riverdale, and a bunch of gangs appear in the town. It’s just a very confusing season if you ask me, but it’s not the worst one. And on top of everything, the producers just won’t stop with the musical numbers! No one in the cast, except maybe Archie, can sing, so no one else should! It just hurts my ears, and it’s so cringy and awkward. So, basically, the second season is kind of okay because it still makes some sense. But I’m still freaked out by the “Mad World” scene—you know what I mean. And the time when everyone thought Jughead was dead was just mean. I stopped watching for a month after that happened.

Now, the third season is just confusing. There’s a cult that makes babies fly? Archie goes to jail, and Hiram takes over Riverdale—how did this even happen? Oh, and of course there’s a weird game that makes people suicidal and praises the “Gargoyle King.” So obviously, this is where the show gets bad, very bad. The thing that saved the season was Chad Michael Murray’s abs (and face of course).

So when/if you get to the fourth season, you’re probably thinking, “why is this show still running?” and I honestly don’t know. This season is not only bad, but also sad, as Luke Perry, who played Archie’s father, died. And the “bad” part of the season is pretty much the rest of it. In a desperate attempt to get their viewers back, and knowing that Jughead is the only reason why people still watched the show, Jughead “died” temporarily. The show went through all that trouble just in order to have the teenagers solve a murder with Betty that just was not theirs to solve. And then the whole M. Honey storyline was just insane.

I think I made my point, and I hope I’m not the only one who sees it that way, and yet, another season is coming out! A few episodes have already been released, and yes I watched them. I just keep hoping it gets better, but it doesn’t. Bughead is over for now, which is SO sad, and Veronica has a weird husband who is a lot like her dad (weird), and Riverdale is being attacked by “truckers” and is slowly decaying. That is all we know for now…

To answer the question from before, why isn’t Riverdale canceled after all these horrible seasons and terrifying musical episodes? I think the reason is that we can’t stop watching it, no matter how bad it gets! I for one, can’t just stop watching a show, especially if new weird plotlines appear in every single episode! (Ok, but for real, what are “mothmen”) Anyways, even though the show is very entertaining with its “peculiar” plot, I hope it stops soon, I can’t take any more musical episodes.

Also, if anyone knows about a petition to get Betty to stop wearing her hair in a ponytail, let me know!

If you really want to watch good shows on Netflix though, here are my personal favorites :
- Friends (no longer on U.S. Netflix)
- Brooklyn 99
- Skins
- The Vampire Diaries
- Grey’s Anatomy
- American Horror Story (Evan Peters>)

Alix Gilkarov is a BBG from BBYO: Austria who can touch her nose with her tongue.

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